December 5, 2012

Turning 21: A Wish List.

I supposed I am not supposed to tell people exactly what I want for my birthday. 

That the concept of a gift lies in its mystery, the ability for the other person to know exactly what we want at that moment in time. 

I don't know about you, but that just sounds like women logic to me. 

I believe that the concept of a gift is that one person wants to buy their friend/family/significant other something that will make them happy, put a smile on their face. 

And the person on the receiving end would tear open the wrapper and not have to pretend to be thankful for another cup/photo frame/perfume/handbag/(insert other cliche things).

By having a list, you not only save your loved ones the headache of coming up with something they think you might like, you're also saving yourself the pain of having to think of ways to rewrap this gift and give it away to someone far enough out of your social circle so that nobody's feelings will get hurt. 

The bottom line is, a list just makes things better. 

So this is my wish list, in no particular order, of what I want for my 21st birthday. 

Afraid that you might shortchange me on the element of surprise? Fret not, virtual friends who are most unlikely going to buy me anything from this godforsaken list, the plus point is that I have provided a rather extensive list, and since you cant possibly buy everything, I will still be genuinely surprised with your choices. 

You're welcome. 

1.  This bouquet of flowers. 

2. This dress from Warehouse. 

3. This leather wallet.

4. This dish. 

5. This chocolate cake from Maria's. With good vanilla ice cream. 

6. These iPhone covers. 

7. An iPhone for those covers. 

8. This place. 

9. This setting. Fairy lights and paper lanterns. 

10. These shoes. 

And not to be too demanding here, but a decently-paid job would be nice as well. 

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