December 10, 2012

Don't Act Single When You're in A Relationship.

You're taken. 

I know that. You know that I know that. 

But why do you,

Share that special, knowing look with me?

Why put your hand on my arm, my leg for a moment too long?

Why do you lean into me when you laugh?

Why pull me against your hips when we dance?

Why the unexpected messages and Skype conversation that lasts till morning?

Why tell me that you miss the sound of my voice, the rise and fall of my laughter??

Why stare when you think I am not looking?

Why stay up, accompanying me through assignments and sleepless nights?

Why whisper those things when no one's around?

Why tuck my hair behind my ear, hold my hand?

Why the car rides, the shared secrets, sneaking me out at night?

Why the extra mile, the unwarranted effort?

Why do you do things under the pretext of the bro code, intoxication?

Why make me feel wanted, desired, loved?

Why trip over my heart, when you had no intention of catching me?

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