October 20, 2014


Ideally, Myvis are not build to take corners at 80km per hour but mine does.

Ideally, I shouldn't have that many glasses of wine, but I do.

Ideally, I shouldn't eat supper right before bed, but I do. 

Ideally, I should be 5kgs lighter than my current body weight, but I am not.

Ideally, I should be going to bed and waking up at the same time everyday, but I don't.

Ideally, I should drink more water, exercise, cut out junk food, but fat chance. 

Ideally, I shouldn't be batting my eyelids at anything with a penis, but I do.

Ideally, I shouldn't have led him on when we both know its going nowhere, but I did. 

Ideally, I shouldn't stalk your social media platforms, but I do.

Ideally, I shouldn't read so much into your Instagram captions, or what those desperate girls write, but I do. 

Ideally, I shouldn't be asking after your welfare, or pray for you at night but I do. 

Ideally, it's been more than a month and I should have been over you by now. 

But I am not. 

Chellam,  heaven knows your name by heart, by the sheer amount of prayers I have been saying for you.